John McIntyre – PT Prophet Podcast Episode 22 // Hosted by Hayden Wilson

  Bit of a different take on this show, I have decided to bring on an email marketing expert.

Who better to bring on than "The Auto Responder Guy",  John McIntyre.

John has crafted an awesome spot in the online space by labeling himself as the auto responder guy (as well as being able to back up his shit by being one of the best copy writers in the industry).


We talk about:

  • Basic sales funnels and how to use those to drive traffic and $$ to your site
  • How podcasting can MAXIMISE your brand  and authority in the industry
  • How to stay personal in your auto-responder series
  • Whether or not you should capture a first name on an email lead capture
  • The advantage between using email marketing vs Facebook or other mediums


Also in this show: The release of my private community called The Prophets. (Focused on helping you maximise your business)

I answer a question from Kylie re: using the Genesis/Eleven40Pro website theme for blogging authority

Perry Marshall's 80/20 Book -


Do you want a reliable, value for money email marketing provider? I highly recommend aWeber for email marketing - (affiliate link).  Read why I love email marketing here: Email Marketing: An Introduction for Personal Trainers


Get in touch:


Twitter: @johnmcintyre_

Email: john [at]





John stuck around for an exclusive Behind the Scenes interview within "The Prophets". In this extra 30 minute interview we go much more in depth into some strategies for emial marketing and how to set yours up. To learn more about the Prophets, please click here.