Daniel Priestley – Episode 109 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

What a fantastic opportunity to speak with Daniel Priestley on my podcast late last week. Among being an international speaker, author of 3 life changing books and co-founder of a multi million dollar company, Dan finds time for his 2 year old son playing Duplo and Pepper Pig quite frequently.

Many claim to be big thinkers, yet act differently  Dan is the real deal.  He is a forward thinker and often shares 'radical' ideas within his material that are both profound, yet logical when applied.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The different companies that inspired him during the writing and researching phase of Oversubscribed
  • The growth and expansion of many companies Daniel has started
  • What 'fun' is to Daniel
  • How fatherhood has changed his approach to business and life
  • Books that set it all off and have helped shape Daniel as a businessman and successful entrepreneur
    • Richest Man in Babylon
    • Think and Grow Rich
    • E-Myth
    • Visionary Business
    • The Alchemist
  • Meeting 'Mike Harris'
  • Various Other mentors along the path to greatness
  • Daniel's 4th Book - What it's called and what it's all about
  • What is happiness and what bring Dan the most happiness
  • Creativity and how to release the most creativity possible
  • Daniel's leadership style from building and growing many multi million dollar companies.

This is a terrific episode and one that will take you behind the scenes with a fly on the wall take on a conversation with one of the best entreprenuers on this planet.

Plus during the episode (not going to say exactly where), Daniel shares a limiting belief he once had...

Enjoy Hayden

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