Elliott Hulse - Episode 10 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

I was so happy to be able to interview, Elliott Hulse recently. Elliott is someone who I have been following for while and who I highly respect and look up to.

During the interview we speak about his Youtube channels (Over 1.3 million subscribers) and also his humble beginnings where he was training clients out of a van and using trash as equipment...no joke.

We also speak about challenges during the journey and the way Elliott handles that question is a testament to his overall being.

If you are looking how to grow your PT business online, give this episode a listen to discover how to create influence within the marketplace and make a living while doing it.

During the interview we also mention the following books and authors: Mastery - Robert Greene Ralph Waldo Emerson Osho

You can check out Elliots Social Profiles here:

Hayden PT Prophet

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