Adam Bornstein – Episode 102 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

It was really great to connect with the legendary Adam Bornstein recently.  Although I am not sure he would agree with that term.  Adam has achieved a hell of a lot but also continues to stay humble.

In this episode we delve deep into Adam as a person.  As with most of my interviews, we don't just talk about surface level topics...we get to the core of the decision making process, why Adam exhibits certain behaviours, how he got that way, as well as who helped along the way.

To get specific here are some key topics and questions we get into:

  • What Adam defines as mastery
  • How fatherhood has changed him
  • How to effectively manage stress
  • The mediation techniques that Adam adheres to and how you can benefit from them
  • "Who is Ted Spiker"
  • Some simple (yet profound) advice Adam picked up from Tim Ferriss interviewing Anthony Robbins
  • The 'get it done' template that will leave you satisfied at the end of the day...not always searching for more.
  • Much, Much more.

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