Bob Rakowski – Episode 103 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

It was really great recently to catch up with Bob Rakowski and talk all things brain and brawn.  I could attempt to 'explain' Bob's title to you, but it's probably easier for you to listen to that part of the interview.  Not because I am lazy, but it includes a huge variety of things.  After achieving a high level of success in his business (through mastering what he does), Bob quickly built a name for himself as one of the best practitioners in the USA.

As you will hear in this interview, a large reason for this is not only an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, but also the passion to teach that knowledge to others.

The biggest key take-aways:

  1. We explain depression (Inflamed brain = depressed brain)
  2. "You can have whatever you want in life if you just help enough other people get what they want" - Zig Ziglar
  3. Motivation is for amateurs, professionals just show up.
  4. The only place you are truly stress free is in the grave.
  5. Why power > Will power
  6. Don't just be interested!
  7. Nutritional tip: The longer it lasts in the packet, the less YOU'RE going to last.
  8. Just show up.....
  9. If you want to think bigger start creating goals bigger than yourself
    1. Have a 1 year goal
    2. Have a 5 year goal
    3. Have a 10 year goal
    4. Have a 25 year goal
    5. Have a 50 year goal
    6. Have a 100 year goal
    7. Have a 500 year goal

I think that last point...about having a 500 year goal is absolutely phenomenal and really stuck with me.

Thank-you for your time and wisdom, Dr Bob.

I cannot wait to spend some time with you when you get out here to Australia.


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