Ben Greenfield – Episode 112 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

In this episode I sit down with a legitimate human experimenter, Ben Greenfield.

What I love about Ben is he is consistently pushing the norm.  He works hard at his craft and consistently puts out great content based on real metrics (usually being the first to ever test a lot of this stuff).

Ben is an author, podcaster (for over a decade...respect!), father, husband, self experimenter, spartan race competitor, extreme endurance fun and hard stuff competitor and a lot more. Read his full bio here.

In this interview we cover:

  • The journey of life and how Ben got to this point
  • What a 'regular' day looks like
  • Some of the experiments Ben has taken 'too far'
  • The podcasting journey of over 10 years
  • The 3 structured habits Ben lives by
  • His first job growing up
  • The hardest thing Ben has had to do (EPIC)
  • The books that have impacted his life most recently:
    • Biology of Belief - Bruce Lipton
    • Nobody wants to read your sh*t - Steven Pressfield
    • Simple and Direct - Jacques Barzun
  • How Ben relaxes
  • What does his wife think of all these crazy shenanigans

To check out more from Ben please see:

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