Art Markman – Episode 116 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

It was great to recently speak with one of the world's leading most experts in the field of brain research and cognitive science, Dr Art Markman.

I reached out to Art originally as a part of a research project I was conducting, and before long I knew I just had to get this guy on my podcast.  Man...the information blew me away.

As you listen and draw knowledge from Art's 2+ decades of knowledge, take note: I did NOT send Art any of the material in advance....yet he simply reels off the answers with zero hesitation (the true sign of expert in my opinion).

I got to ask some really great questions and I really enjoyed spending 45 minutes with Art.

You can view his bio at the bottom of this post, and check out the show notes (including how to get in touch/buy his book) below also.



  • How long has brain psychology and studying of the brain been around?
  • What is the validity of long term studies and are they accurate?
  • I ask Art if there are any myths that have been busted recently that were once really popular?
  • Why Art really loves the mind.
  • What the whole 'trusting your gut' thing is all about (and whether it is real).
  • The goal setting process from Art (someone who literally studies the brain day in, day out).
  • How long to create habits?
  • Why did Art learn to play the saxiphone in his 30's?
    • And was there 'knowledge transfer' from his younger days of playing the piano.
  • What is 'visualisation' all about and is it scientifically proven to work?
  • What's happening when we 'see' food/desirable object? Why does it make us want it?
  • What Habit art is working on right now?
  • Bringing in new habits and not being overwhelmed.
  • What is the real deal with Multi-tasking?
  • Why rats are constantly used in scientific studies?
  • Can we ever 'manufacture' a brain?
  • Where is the brain cognition and science world heading?

You can get in touch with Art here:

You can buy his books here.

You can read his bio here: 

"Art Markman is the Annabel Irion Worsham Centennial Professor of Psychology and Marketing at the University of Texas at Austin. He is also the Founding Director of the Program in the Human Dimensions of Organizations.  The HDO program brings the humanities and the social behavioral sciences to people in business.

He got his ScB from Brown University and his PhD from the University of Illinois.  Before coming to the University of Texas, Art taught at Northwestern University and Columbia University.

Art's research explores thinking.  He has studied the way people form and use analogies, the mechanisms of decision making, the modes that allow people to form categories, and the influences of motivation on reasoning.  Art is also the executive editor of the journal Cognitive Science and is a former executive officer of the Cognitive Science Society.

Art has always been interested in bringing insights from Cognitive Science to a broader audience. To that end, he writes blogs for many sites including Psychology Today and Fast Company.  He consults for companies interested in using Cognitive Science in their businesses.  Art is also on the scientific advisory boards for the Dr. Phil Show and the Dr. Oz Show.

Along with Bob Duke, Art hosts the radio show Two Guys on Your Head for KUT Radio in Austin.  Two Guys on Your Head is available as a podcast on iTunes and Soundcloud.  You can also follow the show on Twitter.

When he's not doing things related to Cognitive Science, Art can be found spending time with his family or playing sax in a blues band."