Dan Henderson – Episode 117 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

Today on the podcast we have someone who is doing some truly phenomenal things and is no stranger to action, Dan Henderson. Dan is the founder of Australian Institute of Kettlebells and many other projects that continue to pop up (in a good way).

AIK runs multiple courses in multiple countries and it continues to grow

After 5 years of university, and then getting a job in corporate, Dan quickly realised that PT (which he was doing on the side)

Dan's title is: "Change Agent", and it is 100% applicable, and I know you are going to enjoy this.



What we discuss:

  • How to transition from trainer to business owner (super important)
  • Dan's first experience with self development (and just how far down the rabbit hole he has gone)
  • How Dan helps his staff grow and develop
  • The 'right time' to hire your first employee
  • Why 'outsourcing' won't solve all your problems
  • Delegation or Abdication
  • Challenges along the way of creating businesses
  • Mistakes when Dan first started his business
  • Adundance vs Scarcity mindset
  • International Expansion and how Dan approached it (with his business partner) and the steps they took to enter many countries
  • What is 'creativity' for Dan (and what you can learn from it)
  • Where is 'Dan Henderson' in five years time, where is this all heading?

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You don't have to be born brilliant -  John McGrath