Zach Even-Esh - Episode 12 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

  Was absolutely stoked to have Zach on my show.  I have been following Zach for around 10 months and love all of the posts he uploads to YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

Zach's mind is rock solid and he employs a no bullshyte rull throughout his life.  Straight up winner. Listen along and learn how to become STRONG as hell in your mindset and also the gym.

We speak about Youtube, Passion in life and the gym, The Ultimate Warrior's unfortunate passing and a ton more! Heaps of relatable content in there too from a down to earth guy who just loves training people! (refreshing as hell to see this in our industry isn't it)

We also speak regarding his barn gym idea! Really interesting.


Take a listen below.

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