Ben Walker – Episode 125 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

Ladies and gentleman, Hayden Wilson here for the PT Prophet podcast. Pleased to have my good friend, Ben Walker on the line who is one of the nicest (and smartest) human's around with money.  He is the founder of Inspire CA with his business partner Harvee Pene who came on a couple of years after (which we get into).

This is a fantastic episode for anyone with a business and anyone who needs to learn how to manage their money better.

We discuss:

  • The values of the company and why that is important
  • What Ben calls 'The Dinner Test' (love it)
  • What it's like building a tribe
  • Changing the game on the traditional accounting game
  • Why using cash in your business is downright dangerous (the undeclared cash that is)
  • Mistakes that young business owners are making
    • How to remedy that (must listen)
  • Lead generation and business growth for Inspire CA
  • The social media strategy that works (seriously, they kill it...see here)
  • Where Ben and Harvee's business is going
  • Getting yourself out of debt
    • My little story inside here
    • Ben's story as well
  • Three simple books that are important to raise your financial IQ
  • THe process of writing a book

and of course, much much more.  (These descriptions never give the actual interview justice)

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