Derek Woodske - Episode 15 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

On today's podcast episode we have Derek Woodske.  Derek is the owner of Manimals Guide to the Universe (, and a very knowledgeable strength and conditioning coach from the United States. Woodske is pretty much the original guy who started traveling with Charles Poliquin back when The Poliquin Group  started international seminars.

With a strong competitive background and a HELL of a squat himself (240 x 10) Woodske knows his stuff about programming. (So much so that we have since been working together on my own training).

Take a list to hear about how he uses some principals learned while with the Poliquin Group, but has since developed his own principals and is thriving as a coach in the industry.

We also speak about one of the most important concepts in the fitness industry....your IDENTITY. (Plus Derek reveals how he has maintained his own identity and grown his brand successfully).

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Upcoming Seminars

  • Denmark - October 2014 (Contact Derek directly for details)



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