Paul Mort – Episode 16 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

If you need a laugh get ready! Uncle Paul Morty is here to provide some extra 'infotainment' as he calls it. I was stoked to get on a call with Paul, he is killing things over in the UK and an all round good dude.

In the interview we speak about:

  • How a business partner can make your business EXCEL
  • His daily email strategy (and how is positions you as an expert)
  • The "What, Why and How" to help sell information and make sure you're not left as the doormat
  • How trainers should get over their fear of selling and realise it's not evil.
  • The benefits of learning copy from guys like Dan Kennedy and Ben Settle
  • and also, why unsubscribers are GOOD!

Killer interview and great for anyone wanting to hear a discussion on marketing!


I also introduce the show with a question from Jason regarding automated emails and how to do it along with some inofmation about my private community and new ebook.  Which you can check out here: (The Prophets) (eBook)

Check out Paul's stuff here: and his social media Twitter and Facebook.



Hayden PT