Derek Poundstone – Episode 17 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

What a boss. I met Derek in 2014 at FitX while he was traveling and teaching at a bunch of seminars.  We started chatting and I was blown away by how down to earth and friendly he was.  We stayed in touch and when I asked Derek if he would be keen to come on the podcast he was more than willing.

After suffering from various career ending injuries (Broken back, torn quad, 2 torn biceps, and several others) Derek put the pain aside and discovered the benefits of continuing training.

Derek has competed and won 3 America's Strongest Man competitions, is a full time officer, owner of Poundstone Performance Centre and also a strength coach and online programmer.

Super interesting interview and def one you want to check out.


We speak about:

  • Training history and injuries with strategies to overcome career ending injuries
  • Online training and programming and how he conducts his online training
  • FitX Seminars and Worldwide Seminars with
  • Recovery and how long you need to be spending in the gym for Strongman style training (it's A LOT less than you'd think)
  • Getting started as a strongman coach and where to gain your knowledge
  • Also, Derek and I are now working together to build an eBook to release.  Once this is released, we will be sure to let all of PT Prophet followers know.


Derek's Websites and Social:

Poundstone Performance - Poundstone Seminars - Poundstone Power - Derek Poundstone Facebook - Derek Poundstone Twitter - Derek Poundstone Instagram -


I really think you will enjoy this podcast so check it out and let me know what you think.


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