Craig Harper - Episode 18 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

Want motivation? Listen to this man speak.

Craig is one of Australia's best inspiration and motivational speakers.

He was one of the earliest adopters of fitness within Australia and actually opened up the first personal training studio in Australia (which he also mentions was before I was even thought of!.....he is actually right with that too).


Craig has a ton of books out around the area's of child development, fitness, motivation and nutrition. These are all available from the store here: Craig Harper Online Store.

In this episode we cover:

  • Why choosing a niche might not be the best idea within a fitness business (which prevents getting pigeon holed)
  • How to take the next step when you're fully booked out (Craig is most likely the best person to answer this for you)
  • How to tap into your creativity and speak with anyone, about anything and create a connection
  • Life balance...(and how to juggle a busy, busy life!)
  • Why you need to go deeper than diet and exercise with your training clients to REALLY make a change
  • The most important skill you need to have as a personal trainer...(hint: it starts with 'C' and ends in 'ommunication')


Links Mentioned:

Craig Harper's Website  - Craig Harper's Facebook - Craig Harper's Twitter  -

Thanks again for jumping on the phone with me Craig, and I hope you guys enjoy.

Hayden PT Prophet