Trial and error, why you should be trying new things every day - Episode 2 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

In the second episode of the PT Prophet Podcast we chat to Enterprise Fitness founder and owner, Mark Ottobre.  Mark started as a PT at Genesis in Ringwood on minimum wage, nearly 9 years on he is one of Melbourne’s highest paid personal trainers with a private studio and 10 employees on the team. Some of the topics we cover in the interview include:

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I had the pleasure of not only working in the same gym as Mark, but also privately training with him a handful of times.  Mark and also Reece (who is Mark's right hand man) helped with my nutrition and training.  Unlike most cookie cutter programs, Mark spent 90 minutes performing a body and movement assessment.  I then sat down with Reece for a full nutrition break down and diet consult.  The one on one approach works so well.  I urge you to sit down with your clients and explain the benefits of nutrition and healthy eating.  This not only highlights your strengths as an overall trainer, but can also lead to back end sales by selling diets to your existing clientele.  Another option would be to package a nutrition and workout consultation into one.

Taking the time to personally work with your clients and find the right area's they need to work on is impressive.  I see so many trainers come through the gym that just go through the motions with their clients, acting as their friend rather than their trainer.  Remember, your role is to produce results, the only way to produce results is to correct train your clients in their areas of weakness.

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