Simon Watson – Episode 21 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

So pumped to have spoken with Simon Watson, of Watson Gym Equipment just recently. Simon is a really chilled guy and was more than happy to come on and chat

After waking up one day, Simon literally decided he was going to make gym equipment.

With a heavy background in engineering, Simon started with making a leg press in his bedroom to becoming one of the largest and highest paid premium gym equipment suppliers in the world, Simon is a true entrepreneur.


Listen along to learn

  • What his boss did when Simon took two weeks off which resulted in an empire
  • Learning and adapting to the market
  • Productivity in the mornings and dealing with email
  • Sourcing great and capable employees (that stick around!)
  • The importance of sleep
  • Simon's pillars of success and how to FOCUS
  • Taking action and getting results
  • What Watson Gym equipment's Plans are for 2014-15


You can reach Simon through his website here: