Dan John – Episode 26 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson


Awesome to have industry expert and legend, Dan John on the PT Prophet podcast for episode 26.

Dan is a super switched on guy who has embraced the online world (for over a decade and a half) and is not slowing down anytime soon.  He is a kick ass trainer, athlete and all around good guy with a ton of knowledge to share.


In this interview you will discover: - Why you might not need to niche down as a PT - How most trainers are over complicating things and we just need to get back to basics - How you might not necessarily be the best writer, but are still completely capable of succeeding in blogging/book writing - Why FREE might not necessarily be a bad thing - One of the best form of advertising you can do for your business - The 8 Letter word that is essential for growth and success as a trainer - The 3 elements that will help sustain a career in the fitness industry - How to instill influence in the industry and help your athletes perform even when you're not there - Much Much more


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