Lee Boyce – Episode 27 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

[powerpress] Awesome to chat to Lee Boyce on the PT Prophet podcast this week who has opened my eyes into the world of freelance article writing.

A former high level athlete, Lee's injuries took him to the sidelines and found him developing him skills as a writer and now he is one of the most sought out writers in the world.  Listen along and learn more about Lee's story and take on the industry.


Listen and Learn:

  • How to get into magazines like T-Nation, Men's Health, Men's Fitness and Arnold Schwarzenegger's Website!
  • Utilising your own blog and developing yourself as a writer
  • Why writing controversial topics can help you get noticed (but doing it without being a dick)
  • Lee's take on Cross Fit (if you love Cross Fit, block your ears at this point)
  • Dealing with career ending injuries and turning them around to make then an advantage
  • Why trainers need to stop complicating things and just bring it back to the raw basics
  • Positioning yourself as the trainer who incorporates their clients' workouts into their lives to make the training process easier and have your clients never give up on themselves
  • Why doing every single course available is not always your best option
  • Giving your writing work time and learning about your motives...ask yourself why are you doing this
  • Why giving selflessly will help you get your name out there
  • Why you need to give these things time and learn that it doesn't happen overnight (but it will happen)


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