Phil Learney – Episode 28 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

[powerpress] Phil Learney is a guest I have been trying to snag for a while now and I was super happy that he could jump on the call with me.

We speak about:

  • Phil's Tour of Australia
  • Learning to write when you might not be a naturally gifted writer
  • Why selfish writing will produce some of the best writing
  • Continuous Development
  • Speaking in front of large audiences and trying to minimise information overload
  • Why you need to be willing to evolve as science does
  • Phil's podcast and what's involved with that
  • Phil's new book and some tips on how you can write a book yourself
  • Getting 100k fans on Facebook and what to post to get to that
  • Phil's unique take on Facebook 'Freebie' Seekers and why he just loves helping people
  • Why you need not be scared to invest in yourself and why you NEED to be doing it
  • Phil's humble approach to being looked up to
  • Email marketing & why you need to become better in the future (or ultimately fail)


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