Nathan Harman – Episode 29 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

[powerpress] After being introduced through a mutual friend, Tony Doherty, I interviewed exceptional prep coach and industry expert, Nathan Harman.

Nathan's journey began after his diabetes put an end to his high level cycling career.  After that he turned to the bodybuilding industry where he fell in love with the industry.  After some success with clients he quickly worked his way up the ranks and is now kicking ass with some really high level guys and achieving A LOT.

Listen along and learn:

  • Who some of the athletes Nathan works with are (guys like Roelly Winklaar, Quincey Winklaar, Marshall Herman and a heap more)
  • Why you can still be a prep coach without having to have gone through a full contest prep is
  • The dangers of not setting guidelines before you start training a client online (and Nathan even jokes about doing it wrong haha)
  • How Nathan packed on 20lbs of muscle with one of his athletes (and how you can do it too..)
  • Why trial and error can be a really great way to level up in your business and courses aren't always the only way t learn
  • Why you need to be an adaptive trainer as opposed to a single mindset trainer who only follows one principles
  • Some great little details that make an athlete really pop as they get closer to their prep (while staying healthy)
  • Nathan reveals how long a general contest prep should be and what you can learn from this
  • As you get into the final stages (ie last week) what you can do as a coach to minimise the troubles and worries from your athletes


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