Kris Gethin - Episode 3 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

In the third episode of the PT Prophet Podcast, I chat to one of the biggest names in the industry Kris Gethin. Kris has a remarkable story and shows that with A LOT of hard work and determination, and a little push (Thanks to Ryan DeLuca) you can achieve anything! I was very appreciative to get him on the phone and I hope you all enjoy the interview.

It was great to hear some of the jobs that Kris has completed, including:

  • Dressing up as 1930’s newspaper boy to help gym promotion
  • Lifeguard at a gym
  • ‘Go’ Drinks television commercial
  • Lindt Chocolate promotions
  • Gym Floor Work

Kris has owned Gyms, Written for several major global publications, started his own magazine, Kaged Muscle, and also has a widely successful video training program on

Listen along and hear the full story.

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Make sure you sure in again soon for my next episode where I am speaking with none other than Layne Norton.

Thanks Guys.

Hayden PT Prophet

P.S, I mentioned the resource of the week; in the podcast.  This is an awesome tool to help identify available social media handles and usernames.  Check it out here:

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