Josh Bryant – Episode 30 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

[powerpress] Awesome to have Josh Bryant on the podcast this week, who is an extremely strong and knowledgeable guy...while staying very humble.  After taking a somewhat "backwards route" into the fitness world, Josh has now established himself as one of the go to resources to get strong AND big.

You are going to love this one.

Listen along and learn:

  • Some of the details about online training and why you can't just send someone a 12 week program and set them on their way
  • Why choosing and screen clients will help you 100% when training clients online
  • How changing your mindset to help the industry will come around and
  • The types of people Josh has sought out and trained with some of the best guys in the industry
  • Learning how to evaluate form for an online athlete (and why you should not train beginners)
  • Josh's transition from training 12-13 hours a day in the gym, to becoming an online trainer, author and family man..and how you can do the same
  • Why you don't need to have writing skills that  'set the world on fire' and can still become an amazing author of many books and online publications (Josh is proof of this one)
  • How you should train if you ever end up in Jail (hopefully you don't, but hey, the guide is here)
  • Josh's take on level up with education and continuous learning (and why Charles Poliquin is one of his biggest influences)
  • A crazy unknown way to smash some PR's that you would never expect
  • A little technique to maximise explosiveness when performing max lifts
  • 2 New books that Josh is bringing out that you will NOT want to miss


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