John Meadows – Episode 32 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

John Meadows is a great example of someone who knows how to follow their dreams (without burning bridges on the way).

John worked in a bank for many years as a project manager and was actually just training clients on the side.  After he approached 40 years old he decided that it was time to really give it a crack and he started training clients full time (after making some smart business decisions first however)

This is his journey.  Follow long to hear the story of John Meadows and how he is taking the industry by storm.


What you will learn:

  • Why you should learn everything you can from your current role (for those who still have two jobs) and how it will help you in your training life
  • Find out the ONLY thing that matters with your clients (hint: it starts with R)
  • The importance of setting up expectations (so you can still have a life outside of coaching)
  • How to set up your training so the clients are sending you their data, instead of you chasing them
  • The principle of opportunity cost and how you can use it to maximise your life and business
  • Why you need to surround yourself with the absolute smartest people you can and why it will skyrocket your business
  • How John has added 25lbs of muscle to many of the Pro's that he works with (through SMART programming)
  • Why it's essential that you always try out programs before prescribing to clients
  • If you treat people right, and are good at your job, the rest will take care of itself
  • How to create a business system to make the same amount of money whether you are coaching 5 clients or 5000 clients
  • What it is like training world leading strength coach: Charles Poliquin


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