Tony Gentilcore – Episode 33 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

Great to chat with industry legend (and funny man), Tony Gentilcore. Tony started at 13 with a weight set in his room and fell in love.  From there he started pushing weights and that's where it all started.

Tony was then presented with an opportunity to become a teacher and wear a suit and tie, or become a strength coach and wear whatever he wanted.

Obviously we all know which one he chose.

After spending roughly 3 years in a corporate gym and learning the ropes, he met Eric Cressey and from there they opened up "Cressey Sports Performance" (CSP).

The facility has now been open for 7 years and is a hub for professional athletes, serious trainees and

Listen along and hear more about Tony's story including:

  • Why CSP is semi private and what Tony's role is there now
  • Who Tony's mentors are (these include Alywn Cosgrove, Dan John <link> Mike Robertson and more
  • How Tony has crafted a unique writing style and how you can become a great writer with little or no experience
  • Why you need to stop bagging out and looking down upon commercial training facilities and the opportunities they can present
  • Some of the challenges of opening your own facility
  • The basic principles of training an athlete
  • Tony's upcoming tour of Australia (March 2014)
  • What Tony calls "The Window Effect" (a really good self awareness task)
  • Why too many trainers are flooding the industry and just writing workouts…not programs
  • Tony's own training and what he currently deadlift (strong ass mo-fo)
  • We also run through many of Tony's favourite books and what he attributes as a factor in his success.

Tony can be reached here:

and one last piece of advice Tony wanted to leave with the group: "For every book you read on training or nutrition, you should be reading one on self development"

^^ I couldn't agree more.

Have a listen and I hope you enjoy.

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Thanks Hayden