Chris Dufey – Episode 35 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

[powerpress] Awesome to have my new mate and someone who is making huge waves in the fitness industry.

Chris initially started his fitness journey as a fat teenager, and although he found weights and was quite athletic, he was struggled with the diet area.

After finishing school Chris got a job in a warehouse working 8-5 and hated it, before deciding that life was too short to waste time doing something you didn't want to do so he got qualified and became a personal trainer.

While getting certified, Chris was working in a bar, as well as the warehouse to fund his way through schooling and keep busy.

After becoming certified and building a good little business, Chris was sick of seeing some much crap in the industry and decided to really get serious about things.

A short move to Dubai and a business venture that didn't eventually work out how Chris wanted so he decided to move to Bali and continue growing his business virtually.

Chris now operates a successful (and growing) offline training business back in Australia, while continuing to grow his empire over in Bali and travelling the world with seminars.

We speak about:

  • How Chris has been making huge progress with Joint Ventures and aligning himself with people like Rachel Guy, Andrea Brazier, Luke McNally and more.
  • The importance of picking a target market and branding yourself in the industry
  • How to select the perfect avatar and how selective you need to get to with your ideal customer
  • What you need to know about sales funnels, masterminds and other online areas
  • Why it's better to find out what you're good at….and sticking to that. Focus is the key.
  • The danger of not paying close attention to your BUSINESS as a trainer. Simply getting results is not enough, you need to be able to show others that you can get those results too.
  • How PT's CAN make good money AND have freedom AND have a successful business
  • The first steps to following Chris' footsteps and leveraging yourself as a PT to build a killer business
  • An amazing book that will change the game for you.
  • A series of seminars that Chris and Luke McNally will be running that are going to change the industry.

Memorable Quotes: - "Your Resume is Google" - "You can only sell shit once"

Get in touch: Chris' Website Mail Chris here: [email protected]

I hope you enjoy

Ciao Hayden