Dean Somerset – Episode 36 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

Dean Somerset is an trainer, exercise kinesiologist and rehab specialist out of the United States.  He mainly hangs around at and is known for his writing on T-Nation,, Men's Health and many other reputable publications. I recently caught up with Dean on the podcast to speak about his career and the fitness industry.  Take a listen and enjoy.



  • Brad's take on continuous education and why you also need to 're-do' certain certifications to stay current and re-learn.
  • A good balance between free vs informational products (ie: when to give away a free blog post vs make an information product)
  • How to get better on camer for youtube and some simple strategies to grow your video presence
  • How Dean tackles online training and where that is heading
  • The best marketing technique out there (hint: it is free)
  • How Dean runs seminar and how you can start leveraging your time better by doing the same
  • The keys to becoming a slideshow whiz (listen up to this one...nearly everyone makes the same mistake as what Dean did at the beginning of his career..I know I did)
  • Where the fitness industry is heading in the future and what you can do to ensure you're around for a long time yet


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