Betty Rocker – Episode 37 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

Awesome to have my first female guest on the show and I couldn't ask for a cooler chick.

The Betty Rocker (Bree Argetsinger) is a inspirational example of someone who has been down a path of self destruction, addiction and all around bad habits, only to come back, see the light and is now an mentor and inspirational figure to thousands around the world.

We speak about:

  • How to overcome lazy food patterns
  • Embracing your Jedi Mindset (FYI Bree is a huge star wars fan....)
  • How to go from self doubt and loathing to become an internet icon
  • How you can use failure as a positive and start succeeding
  • Bree's #1 tip for fast success
  • A really cool way to get people onto her YouTube channel every single week, called Motivation Monday's
  • Tips and strategies to grow your Instagram following just like Bree has (she has 110k real fans as of writing this!)
  • Some words of caution when setting up JV's and business partnerships
  • How you can get involved in Bree's kick ass community


Cheers, Hayden