Marc Lobiner – Episode 38 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

Marc Lobiner, is an absolute legend in the industry, and extremely knowledgeable in both marketing and fitness (seriously the dude is peeled). In this high energy interview we kill it...Discussing everything from starting a small company and selling it, to what the hell is required to become a good trainer.


Listen along and learn:

- How to start a kick ass company, make good $$, and sell it for profits.

- The biggest mistakes from online trainers and how to actually be a good partner!

- Why you need to be wary of the 'over testimonial giving' online coach...

- The balance between using science and practicality in the coaching world

- How to handle clients with 'trigger' foods and 'carbo-phobes'

- How Marc manages 50+ clients and 2 kick ass businesses

- Marc's daily schedule (in the office)....(just FYI, he gets up at 3:45am and goes to bed at need to be prepared to hustle)

- The exact way Marc got his huge name in the industry...(don't listen if you're a homophobe! just kidding, but seriously, don't sue us)

- Discovering what a 'Fuck Rate' is and how you can increase yours

- The best way to reach out to high end less than 140 characters (hint hint)

- Why you should be in shape as a personal if that needed to be said though



Marc's Speech - Being the brand of you

Email: marc (at)

Hope you enjoy,