Tom Crudgington – Episode 40 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

This week's guest is Tom Crudgington and he is an absolute wealth of knowledge.  Super humble dude and someone who knows how to grow and dominate the industry. We speak about:

  • Putting together killer JV's (joint ventures)
  • The importance of working with professionals
  • How to become world class and using the resources of industry leaders to help your own business
  • New and upcoming projects with Tom and Simon Watson of Watson Gym Equipment
  • Why you need to be effective with your time and utilize your passion for success
  • The steps for bringing on a second employee
  • How to continue growing your business with a strong emphasis on team work in the industry
  • The keys to working with those you WANT to work with in the industry
  • Some simple tips for lead gen in the gym

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