Paul Carter – Episode 43 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

Awesome to have straight shooter and industry heavy weight, Paul Carter on the PT Prophet Podcast this week.  Dude is an animal in the gym and really cool guy in everyday life.

Can't wait to meet up when he hits Melbourne later this year (more on this below).

In this episode you will learn:

- Paul's history and how he got to where he is so far

- The difference between constructive criticism vs destructive criticism

- The 3 options of being a human...being loved, being hated or being ignored.

- Paul and John Meadows' Australian Tour (links below)

- Learning how to write properly and why most are born with it (and a simple strategy to tell you if you're a natural writer or not)

- Where the Lift-Run-Bang name comes from

- Paul's take on mobility work (I think 99% of the population will like it and actually agree)

- Transitioning away from an IT full time job, to being one of the most saught after coaches on the globe

- Where the fitness industry is heading and Paul's take on it

- Our rants on the poor state of 'Fan' pages on social networks

- Why paying for your followers SUCK (just in case you didn't already know)

- Plus you're going to find out a hidden talent of Paul's that I'm guessing you might not know about.

Links to check:


Lift Run Bang Facebook

Paul's Website

Paul's eMail: paul @