Jon Goodman – PT Prophet Podcast Episode 44 (Part 1) // Hosted by Hayden Wilson

[powerpress] Yes! Great to connect with fellow industry cool dude, Jonathan Goodman recently and speak about everything PT growth related.

This is an awesome episode to listen to if you're just starting in PT, have been PT'ing for a while, are thinking about becoming a PT, have a business, have half a brain and more (ie: it's for everyone).

In this episode (PART 1) you will learn:

  • The abundance rule and why there is enough for everyone
  • Having confidence in yourself
  • Working from anywhere in the world
  • The process of closing off the world and getting stuff done
  • Using a re-active model vs pro-active model for business (don't let this intimidate just means you stop being someone's bitch and call the shots)
  • Understanding and calculating how much $$$ you need to survive and then figuring out exactly what is required to get there.
  • Why selling on fear and emotion works...(temporarily before it burns you hard)
  • The concept of immediate gratification vs longer term gain
  • The positives of curated content and why it could well be the way of the future
  • Jon's latest books (and previous ones too)


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