Bret Contreras – Episode 47 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

The Glute Guy is chatting with us today on the PT podcast. The Glute Guy, aka Bret Contreras, is known for his knowledge of glute training, but this guy’s knowledge goes much deeper than glutes. This former high school teacher has written more than 400 fitness articles and is the inventor and patent holder of the Hip Thruster. He’s currently working on his PhD, is involved in industry research, and continues to train clients. What drives this guy to work crazy long hours and continue to juggle his multitude of responsibilities? Listen to found out.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How Bret balances his research passion with the need for marketing and promotion
  • Why it’s so important for him to have a good team
  • How he earned the right to work with industry experts
  • What he realized about “athlete training” when he started as a PT
  • Why he always teaches while he trains
  • The reason he avoid social media conflicts and why he watches his social media numbers
  • How he plans workouts for his clients
  • His advice for growing your revenue


Learn more about Bret:

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