Charles Poliquin – Episode 48 // PT Prophet Podcast Hayden Wilson

Guess who’s back for a second visit (my first second visitor ever!) None other than Strength Sensei, Charles Poliquin.

You’re going to love this episode. It is really informative and goes in depth into:

  • Olympic lifting and Charles upcoming courses with Klokov
  • Lifting Weights for children/youth
  • The 2 questions (which were always exactly the same), Charles asked the experts on his journey to become the world’s best strength coach
  • How to utilise Olympic lifting in your everyday training
  • What 3 foods Charles would take on a deserted island
  • Who Charles would take out for dinner (living or dead)
  • Charles’ latest book recommendations (I seriously bought 5 as soon as we got off the podcast)
  • Goal Setting tips
  • Much Much More

It was an awesome interview as always, Charles is really knowledgable and hoping you can draw something from it.


Hayden PT Prophet