Mike Mahler - Episode 5 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

Hey Guys, In this episode we: Introduce my favorite book of all time Speak with Mike Mahler <http://mikemahler.com> Announce another really great interactive giveaway.

Mike is REALLY switched on when it comes to Kettlebells, Hormone Optimisation and also internet marketing.  Which is great for all of you guys out there!

Within the interview we speak about Mike's 4 part mp3 seminar regarding making 6 figures in the fitness industry during a down economy, and was generous enough to offer any of my listeners part 1 of that series. I listened to the whole series twice in a week and there is a TON of good information in there.

If you would like to grab it, simply comment below and notify us of what you have taken charge of today! As soon as I can see the comment I will shoot you an email and share the drop box link with you.

Thanks for the support as always guys, it means the world!

Hayden PT Prophet