Martin Rooney – Episode 50 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

[powerpress] We’re hanging out with Marin Rooney today and I’ll tell, this dude’s enthusiasm is infectious. Martin’s on fire and he’s sharing that fire with us. Martin’s passion for fitness began when he was young and that passion landed him a college track scholarship and a spot on the US Bobsled Team.

While working as a physical therapist he decided to give up his job and follow his passion for fitness and teaching others. That’s where Training for Warriors began. Today Martin’s spreading his message and passion for fitness all over the world through gyms (he’s got 215 locations in 29 countries), seminars, and webinars.


In this episode we talk about:

  • What makes an “overnight” success
  • How to build an effective organization
  • Why it’s important to relinquish some responsibilities
  • Martin’s strategy for reading books
  • What success is to Martin and how he measures it
  • How to make sure your plate doesn’t get so full you don’t do anything well
  • What successful people do to continue being successful
  • The two things you need to be on fire, like him


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Training for Warriors Website


TFW Blog (good reading here)


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Parisi Speed School

Gitomer books on Amazon


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