Wolfgang Unsold – PT Prophet Podcast Episode 53 // Hosted by Hayden Wilson

[powerpress] Today's guest on the podcast is Wolfgang Unsold.

Wolfgang is super switched on and (more importantly) is a top guy.  When I reached out to him, he was very responsive and interested in coming on to talk to the audience.

Wolfgang is the owner of YPSI (Your Personal Strength Institute), which he started in 2010 after spending 3 years as a PT.  From there he realised the potential of doing seminars (which he started doing in 2012) followed by releasing a supplement line in 2014.

Today we talk about: - 3 Biggest Factors of Success - Thoughts on Online Training - Why Wolfgang Opened his gym - How Wolfgang has excelled across many disciplenes - How to properly evaluate your clients - The quickest way to get your clients' squats up - How to stay innovative as a strength coach - Wolfgang's self development plan - Mentors who have help in Wolfgang's journey - How to be successful as a strength coach - What's next for Wolfgang.

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