Christian Woodford – Episode 55 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

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Today we're chatting with one of the most passionate people in the strength and conditioning industry, Christian Woodford. This dude’s had his head down, ass up for 10 years. He’s got the academic background AND the real world experience to make him an industry expert and is here to share some killer insights into how to be successful in this industry, or any industry for that matter.

And seriously, this guy’s passion is infectious.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How Christian went from working for free to celebrating the third anniversary of Woodford Sports Science Consulting
  • The many jobs he had along the way to land him where he is today
  • What he learned from an unpaid internship with the University of Maryland
  • Who his biggest influences are and why you should love them too
  • How he is working to bridge the gap between strength and conditioning performance in the United States and Australia
  • What he thinks the biggest discrepancy is between the strength and conditioning industry in the United States vs. Australia
  • What makes a true coach
  • How he created quality programming and how you can too
  • How to effectively set goals for your business


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