Ido Portal – Episode 56 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

On today's podcast we speak with legendary movement expert, Ido Portal.  

Ido is huge on walking the walk. He isn't some 'guru' claiming to be an expert without any knowledge to back it up...he has years and years of training and experience built up from studying under the world's best, but then implementing, changing, developing.


Today we talk about:

  • Ido's History and where is he at today
  • Who have been his biggest mentors throughout his career
  • What a typical lowerbody workout might look like for Ido
  • Information on 'The Movement Camp' and how you can get an event up and running (insight into what's involved)
  • What Drives Ido? (Motivation at it's best)
  • Ido's thoughts on whether he considers himself successful or not?
  • How does one create freedom (both time and economic/financial)
  • The 2 biggest pieces of advice Ido wishes people in the movement world knew about
  • What makes a good teacher in Ido's eyes (Great lesson on what Ido calls the 'Good Teacher Holy Trilogy')
  • The biggest mistake Ido has made and how he corrected it (remember: mistakes are only bad if you don't learn from them)
  • How to get started in movement if you are a very big beginner?

Check out the following links to learn more: - - Movement Culture Private Facebook Group (Must request permission) - Ido Portal on Facebook - [email protected]


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