Eugene Teo – Episode 59 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

Great to speak with fellow industry cool dude, Eugene Teo. Euge is someone who really understands and goes in dept with what makes a good COACH as opposed to someone who just counts reps.  He is also a guy who takes massive risks and I admire a lot of the stuff he has done recently which you will hear about below.

He also has beautiful long locks which you will see on his Facebook page when you head there.


- History - Coaching vs Personal Training - What makes a good coach - How Eugene builds his programs and the time it actually takes - 'Feeling' the muscle properly - Eugene's take on Nutrition - The powerful healing affects - How to break into the online space - Common mistakes in the industry - Hayden's Rant - Success tips and Eugene's 'inner work' - Morning Routines - Open Mindedness (Everyone should read: "Mindset" - By Carol Dweck) Get into contact with Eugene: - - -

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