Travis Jones – Episode 60 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

Awesome to have TJ on this weeks show. I have wanted to speak with him since the first episode of the PT Prophet came out!  So thank-you Trav for coming on and thank-you to you, the listener, for sticking around this long and believing in me!

In this episode we talk about: TJ's history (from Canada to Fitness First to RBT) The history of RBT and where it's going The fallacy of goal setting How you should really set goals Sales tips from TJ Influences in TJ's life Continuous learning and the power of kaizen How to plan your week like a pro How to plan your DAY like a pro Memory Retention Tactics Meridian Cycles and how to get the most from your 'work times' Idea Generation and the power of ideas Zero based thinking

Resources Mentioned: Brian Johnson - Book Summary Memberships Headspace - App

Books: Chet Holmes - Ultimate Sales Machine Michael Gerber - E-Myth Ryan Holiday - The Obsticle is the Way The One Thing - Gary Keller and Jay Papasan Willpower Instinct - Kelly McGonigal Focal Point - Brian Tracy Deep Sleep Everything (Audio Book)

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