Matt Reynolds – Episode 61 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

  Great to speak with fellow learner and high level fitness business owner, Matt Reynolds.

Matt was one of the closest trainers to Mark Rippetoe and teaches his Starting Strength System out of his gyms.

Have a listen and learn:

History on Matt Coaching tips for proper education (rather than just babysitting) Starting Strength certified and how you met Mark Rippetoe The connection between getting strong and working out in a certain environment...does it exist? How to get your clients through the yips Tips for opening your own facility Business book recommendations from Matt (eMyth, Crucial Conversations, Delivering Happiness and Hard thing about Hard Things) Some amazing stories of strength from Matt's career Where coaches go wrong with 'programming' Online coaching and what it actually is How to get into the seminar game and how Matt got started with it Will Matt write his own book?

Contact Matt: Instagram: @reynoldsstrong Twitter: @reynoldsstrong Facebook: Website: and

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