Jon North – Episode 65 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

It feels truly great to share with you all the latest PT Prophet Interview with Jon North.

I have been following Jon for many years now so it was great to get him on the phone and talk shop.

This was one of the best episodes I've recorded and know you're going to enjoy it and hope you get a great laugh while listening like I did.



We cover: - History - Is having strength something you're born with or can you grow it just the same? - Growing The Attitude Nation and where the name came from - How Jon's stayed innovative and his team (a very supportive wife) - The Dark Orchestra - How has fatherhood changed John - How Lincoln got his name. - What did Jon want to be when he was growing up - How did he meet his wife Jessica (and the sweet pickup line used, you're going to love it) - Where does your motivation and energy come from? - Getting in touch with Jon - Attitude Nation Facebook - Jon North Facebook's - -

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