Al Vermeil – Episode 66 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

Absolute legend and veteran of the industry, Al Vermeil is on the podcast this week.

It was a pleasure and honour to speak directly with Al, and I'm so excited to share it with you.

If you have ANY interest in strength training, speed, exposiveness and NEED to listen to this.


Notes: - Al's History - What you ACTUALLY need in a performance training centre- Always be on the lookout for new opportunities - "You're never so good you can't get better" - Coaching vs Teaching - Al on continuous development. - The modern day use of bands and chains - Al Vermeil and Bill Woods relationship - Al's personal achievements in the weight room and on the field - Al's simple tests for athletic greatness: Ability, Overhead Squat, Speed, Directional Change, Heart - Getting in shape is not complication...try: 1000 med ball slams and 1000 medball throws! - The simple 5 x 6 progam (6 x the following: Upright Row, Muscle Snatch, Good Morning, Squat to Press, Bent Over Row - Why you need to stop complicating things - Get Strong and the rest will take care of itself - Al's favourite exercise - To get results you need to be fully aware of the clients individuals needs

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