Damon Hayhow – Episode 67 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

Fellow Melbournite (but much much much stronger human being), Damon Hayhow was recently on the podcast, and it's one damn good show!

Damon is a no bull$hit kind of guy, as you will tell right from the get go.  Plus he is not afraid to follow his dreams and take big risks (for big reward).

In this episode you will discover: - History - How Damon's Leg training started - What area of life/career/business is Damon most passionate about? - Equipped vs Non-Equipped Lifting - Secrets to Damon's world record deadlifting - Is there are deadlifting ceiling or will we see humans one day deadlifting 500, 600 or 700kg? - Where do coaches go wrong with programming? - Why Damon left the industry in 1999 - What 'fitness' is and why it sucks - How Recomp started - Staying focused, Damon's down to earth and honest answer - Final tips and advice for trainers - Getting in touch: - recomp.com.au - damonhayhow.com - Facebook.com/recomp


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