Matt Wenning – Episode 70 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

I'm proud to say this is one of (if not) the strongest powerlifter to ever to come on my podcast!!

And I've had some strong dudes!

Matt Wenning is an absolute beast in the weight room, but an absolute legend on the phone.

We cover:

  • Matt's History and major achievements
  • Getting girst job as strength coach
  • When did you start the gym and what does the name mean?
  • Ruffles, The Gym Mascot
  • A regular day in the life of Matt Wenning
  • Off season vs In Season training and where most athletes go wrong
  • Favourite food (did someone say steak?!)
  • Over a year in a wheel chair thoughts and reflections
  • Goal Setting
  • Physical DVDs and shipping the new program (sharing knowledge)
  • Training Autistic children
  • Matt's plan for the next 10 years
  • Get In touch
  • Insta: @realmattwenning
  • Web: Wenning Strength

It was an honour to have Matt on the show and know there is a huge future ahead for him.  Keeping rocking it, mate!


Full Bio (from

Matt Wenning is one of only a handful of people to total over 2600lbs in professional competition, hold an all time world record of 2665 in the 308 class and bench press over 800 in a full powerlifting meet. He has been competitively lifting since the age of 14, totaled elite in college while receiving his undergraduate degree, and totaled pro while achieving his Masters Degree in Biomechanics. During his 6 year school career he acquired more than 10,000 hours in the division 1-A weight room as a strength coach for all sports, but his main focus lied in football, basketball, baseball, and track.

During his training journey to be one of the best lifters in the world, he has achieved great knowledge in strength development, and how to employ the knowledge to many types of populations. He is a master in the piece meal conjugate system, technical mastery, as well as plyometric and reactive methods. His biomechanics background has help aid his experience with rehabilitation, and all other forms of performance and injury prevention. With this knowledge he has aided 5 players to NFL contracts, had some of the fastest and strongest players for NFL pro days, while also training professional caliber tri-athletes. He is also a coordinator for the US Army Rangers and their top Special Forces to aid there strength, endurance, and performance on the battlefield.