Preston Greene – Episode 71 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

It was terrific to speak with Preston Greene recently and a GREAT episode for anyone who wants to learn how to train athletes better.

PICP level 5 in multi sports, Preston knows the value of hardwork and how to get athletes to work hard for you.

Have a listen and let me know what you think.


- Intro and History? - How does Preston create personal discipline within an athlete? - What motivates him the most? - What is it about modified Strongman that works so well? - Does Preston prefer Basketball or Football athletes? - Who were some of Coach Greene's earliest mentors? - What advice would Preston give to himself 10 years ago? - Where Preston believes the industry is moving? - Would Preston consider opening a gym or prefer the team environment? - 5 books that have helped change his life:     Power of Habit - Charles Duhigg     The Edge Effect - Eric Braverman     Brain Rules - John Medina     Manthropology - Peter McAllister     Any works by Dr Sapolsky - How to get started in the industry as a keen strength coach. - How to get into contact.


Preston Full Bio An extremely high achiever, Preston Greene is one of the only people on the planet to have PICP Level 5.  Which is only achievable if one of your athletes has achieved a gold medal.....of which Preston has done more than once! He is also a Biosignature Modulation practitioner.

Greene earned a bachelor's degree in health science from Clemson in 1999, with a minor in sport management. He received a master's degree in 2000 from the University of Minnesota in applied kinesiology and sports management. Greene also holds numerous certifications and memberships, including the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA). He also has a certification as a performance enhancement specialist by the National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM).

He is the co-founder of the Eleiko Strength Summit, first held in 2010 at the Poliquin Strength Institute in Greenwich, Rhode Island.

The Eleiko Strength Summit is an invite-only event that attracts the elite level strength & conditioning coaches in the United States