Brad Soper – Episode 75 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

On this week's podcast we have friend and super strong 'strongman' (like really) Brad Soper.

Brad is one of the most established and successful strength coaches within Australia.  He trains athletes in a variety of disciplines as well as general population.

After starting weight training from a young age, Brad decided to use his abilities on the Rugby field and soon found himself at a very high level.  After learning to love the game, but being overcome with various injuries, Brad decided to learn how he could rehab himself and create a bullet proof body.

This podcasts investigates all of the above and the below:

  • Brad tells us about his history
  • Why Brad chose strength training
  • Which style of client he likes training the most
  • Where Brad sees most strength coaches going wrong in the industry
  • The biggest challenges he has faced so far
  • What is takes to develop a personal brand
  • What a regular day looks like
  • How did Brad develop such an awareness for time and focus
  • What does self improvement for Brad look like?
  • The biggest thing Brad has learned in the last 12 months?
  • What does the future look like for him?
  • The difference (in Brad's eyes) between being the Jack of all trades, and the specialist. (you don't want to miss that one).
  • Getting in touch - brad (at)


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