Lou Schuler – Episode 76 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

It was an absolute pleasure to speak with Lou Schuler recently for an interview.  Lou is an award-winning journalist, a certified strength and conditioning specialist, a contributing editor to Men’s Health magazine (you can find most of his articles here), and author or coauthor of many popular books about diet and strength training.

In this interview we cover:

- Introduction - How Lou first got started with writing and his journey - Lou tells us about the 5 years writing screenplays and novels In LA (while waiting tables at night) - He also mentions a couple of celebrities he got the chance to sit down with...really cool! - Living and working with ADHD - Lou answers how you know when the right time to change careers. (great insight here for anyone confused about their profession or career path) - Fiction vs Non Fiction as a writer - Getting into writing...where to start - With such a busy schedule, how does Lou plan out his day for passion projects vs deadline projects for others - Collaborations with other authors and how the JV scene works - Lou explains his days as a stand up comedian - Understanding that the marketplace is the ultimate determiner of value - Books that have positively impacted your life Kurt Vonnegut - Cats Cradle Christopher Buckley - The Relic Master Malcolm Gladwell's work Michael Lewis' work - Getting into contact louschuler.com newrulesoflifting.com

Enjoy. Hayden