Amanda Brown – Episode 77 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

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This week’s PTProphet episode is with Amanda Brown who has set herself apart from others and become quite an authority in the fitness industry. She has developed the “Queen of Lean” which is a very strong brand in Australia. If you want to be someone who’s revered in the industry you really need to understand your target market, how far people will travel for your services, and the psychographics of your clients, Amanda understands these very, very well. Head on over to my site at for photos of her amazing studio in Kensington as well as all the show notes.

In this interview we cover:

  • Introduction
  • Amanda explains how she began from humble beginnings as a PT and worked hard for 10 years to learn and build her brand, overcoming many steps in her journey that have led to the stunning fitness facility she now works from.
  • Before PT, she work in Real Estate, then travelled the globe and on returning to Australia went into the fitness industry. Listen to Amanda’s response when asked if she was into health and fitness during her travel years.
  • Amanda explains how she started and developed her first PT business - learning through structured courses, seeking out mentors and believing in herself.
  • The main influences in her Amanda professional life - courses and people
  • Amanda shares her strategies in managing staff and having a team culture.
  • The importance of on-line marketing. Amanda particularly likes facebook and likes to share things about the brand, the team and what’s happening, always trying to give value to whoever is viewing the page.
  • Being a part of a business group called “Business Blueprint” enables Amanda to attend 4 business seminars a year. She estimates she has a 50/50 business knowledge and fitness knowledge breakdown within her business.
  • Various mentors Amanda has had along her journey.
  • Amanda shares how she moved into power lifting doing a course with Sebastian Oreb and training with John Sharp then competing successfully on the local and international stage.
  • Amanda tells us about her personal bests.
  • Advice to new trainers - to invest in their education, build their own brand and be unique.
  • Contact details for Amanda are her facebook page of The Queen of Lean, her Instagram account, her website at

Until next time, Hayden

Amanda's Full Bio:

Amanda Brown is a Powerlifting Athlete as well as the founder and director of the highly successful company The Queen of Lean. She is truly a product of what she preaches and has used her own knowledge and athletic ability to win Natural Physique and Powerlifting competitions. Powerlifting is her new found passion and purpose. Her most recent successes include breaking the National Deadlifting record of 168.5kg in the 57kg weight class in March 2016. She has won numerous local competitions and placed second at the Australian Nationals this enabled her to compete at the June 2015 World Powerlifting Championships in Finland

Her passion for the  industry spans back over 8 years and she is now recognised as one of Australia’s top female coaches. She has her own 1200sq metre facility in Kensington and heads an awesome team of 6 trainers. She has build the all female community from the ground up. Through these inspiring achievements, she prides herself on passing this empowerment onto her clients to enable them to also strive to be their best.

Her business speciality is creating outstanding female transformations! Through utilising highly effective strength and conditioning methods, alongside protocols for nutrition and detoxification she is able enhance rapid fat loss in a short amount of time. Whether you are training for an elite competition or just want to look good naked, she will be able to provide you with the advice you need.

Amanda has coached numerous novice athletes to help them achieve their dream of competing in fitness competitions, with many placings and several women winning their overall divisions.

Amanda is a Level 2 Biosignature Practitioner, FMA Strength and Conditioning Coach, holding a Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness, with qualifications in AMT Muscle Testing.