Dr John DeMartini – Episode 78 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

What an incredible experience it was to interview one of my biggest mentors, Dr John DeMartini.

He is an extremely well read man (over 30,000 texts) yet is also very humble.

It wasn't until 2016 that I even found Dr DeMartini's values determination process.  Before that I was always attempting to minimize myself and be someone else. (Podium and Pit Theory developed by John)

Once I found this simple strategy, it ALL became clear and I truly began living the life I wanted to live.

Thank-you John, and thank-you for coming on my show.

No spoilers in this episode....I'm going to make you listen to it

...But it could possibly be the BEST interview you will listen to this day, week and year!

Enjoy. Hayden


Determine Your Values here: https://drdemartini.com/value_determination/determine_your_values

Ticket for FBSA16 (Fitness Business Summit): http://fitnessbusinesssummit.com.au